How to Make a Woman Cum Almost Every Time

The purpose of sexual intercourse is of course to feel pleasure. Indeed, it is important to seek and implement all possible strategies to please your partner. For this fact, the priority would be to look for sensitive points on her body to make her come. If making your partner feel pleasure is your concern, go to the end of this article.

Put in place your strategies so that the woman reaches her point of sensitivity

To sexually please your wife or a naughty girl, you must first prepare her psychologically. This preparation is not necessarily the preliminaries of sexual intercourse. It is rather a question of putting her on the path or putting her in the game. Obviously, you must know what your partner appreciates and it is according to this that you can seduce her or put her in the head that you want her for the evening.

It’s also essential to give him compliments, if you found him in an outfit that excites you. Above all, do not hesitate, because by doing so, you are sending her signals of your desire for her. If, for example, she is at work, you can already send her naughty text messages to draw her attention to your meeting tonight. Before the part of getting laid with your partner, do everything so that the connection is established and that the complicity is in order. By doing so, you are preparing her for everything to go well.

Perform real tasters to test sex without penetration

There is no question of flouting the preliminaries of a sexual relationship. They are essential if they are practiced in the rules of the art. Moreover, this stage which can lead the woman to regain her orgasm. Of course, foreplay is not just a few simple kisses or caresses. It is a question of exploring all the possible techniques in order to achieve your objective, that of making your wife or sweetheart enjoy pleasure. Even without penetration, it is possible to satisfy your sweetheart, however for the sexual relationship to be complete, it is necessary to go as far as penetration.