How to Make Love to a Man and Drive Him Crazy

Just as men seek to fuck well or sexually satisfy women, women also want to do the same. It’s not a dream or utopia, women can pull it off by sexually satisfying men. Discover this secret in this article written to enlighten you.

Detect erogenous body parts for arousal

In terms of pleasure, everyone experiences it in their own way. Indeed, to excite a woman, all parts of her body are favorable before even talking about her sex. In humans, it’s a bit the opposite, because the sexual sensitivity of the man is much more focused on his genitals. However, you manage to develop his emotions on certain parts of his body, such as his nipples. If you caress this part of the man’s body, you will manage to create pleasure in him.

The reason why a man’s sex is better for making him come is because the testicles, anus, perineum and the like are directly united with his genitals. Do not be afraid to masturbate well and testicles and perineum of the man and if possible to massage them in order to make him come. Don’t forget fellatio, a brilliant method for getting pleasure from a man. There is no question of talking about everything without talking about the penetration that makes the man come to the depths of his being. You can pursue the excitement by approaching the anal part of the man, even if that is the i, sign of homosexuality.

Awaken his senses for a fiery moment!

You can turn your man on by turning up the tension. This obviously involves alternating the temperature. This is the case with hot and cold, which of course remain a better way to excite the skin. Why not have a hot tea before starting fellatio. This can add value to the excitement. You can go so far as to paint her body with chocolate or rub her body with a cream or lubricant. Another trick as effective to increase the sensitivity of his body. These techniques will drive your sexual partner crazy.